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Portfolio is an enterprise digital asset management solution for the rest of us. Organize your files and share them throughout your organization. 

Predictive, Google-like search allows you to find what you need in milliseconds no matter how many assets you have. Enter a few search characters and Portfolio will automatically suggest a list of matching assets and display the results.



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What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital files are everywhere – across multiple hard drives, individual computers, network servers, even shelves of storage media. Furthermore, searching through thousands or millions of files can take a long time, and provide poor results if any.

Think of Digital Asset Management as a process designed to help:

  • simplify tasks such as organizing, categorizing, and searching for digital assets including images, videos, documents, photos, and more.
  • retrieve and archive digital files
  • share files internally and externally protect digital assets from improper use.

DAM Solves Problems Associated with Managing Large Collections of Assets

By making image libraries searchable and usable, DAM provides the ability to tag files with key information (metadata) to help you categorieze, organize, and retrieve relevant assets when you need them. Additionally, Digital Asset Management should provide tools for sharing and converting so everyone gets what they need, when they need it.

Digital Asset Management Involves Software to Facilitate Workflow

The right DAM software helps you focus on what matters most by giving you tools to easily upload, organize and share assets.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management

Professional Organizations Deserve Professional Tools Because a File System Isn’t a Digital Asset Management System!

DAM goes beyond hierarchal structure and provides the ability to tag files with key information (metadata) to help you categorize, organize and retrieve relevant assets when you need them. Save time, money and sanity when trying to make sense of a scattered assortment of images, videos, PDFs, and other digital files by implementing the right DAM solution to help you build a usable library of assets.

Digital Asset Management Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Digital Asset Management?

Various organizations within various industries use digital asset management as a solution to organize assets and improve workflow. From Museum to Retail, see how various industries utilize DAM:

How do I know if I need a Digital Asset Management solution?

You need a digital asset management solution if you need to organize your digital files and share them within your organization, externally or both. This allows everyone to find what they need when they need it; saving tons of time and improving workflow. The frustration around finding and organizing digital files is greatly reduced. You also have the option of protecting your files so only the right people see the right asset at the right time.

How does Digital Asset Management software find and organize files?

For effective digital asset management, you need good metadata (or data about data). Metadata consists of keywords, descriptions, copyright, and other file-related information that’s associated with each asset. Users rely on metadata to intelligently find relevant files matching their search criteria.

Why is it called Digital Asset Management?

We didn’t come up with the name, but we sure know a lot about it. Organizations invest time, money and resources into creating digital media files. DAM maximizes the return on those investments through improved accessibility, utilization and repurposing of existing content.

Where can I learn more about Digital Asset Management?

Check out our DAM Learning Center. Jam packed with with everything your little DAM heart desires. From best practices guides to case studies to ROI Calculators, learn everything you need to improve your DAM knowledge base!


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